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226-2 Senzai,Iga city,Mie,Japan5180002


  • *We can make Udon(wheat noodle) if you have allergy to buckwheat.
  • 1.***Cold soba***
  • Zaru soba 700yen / Dished Cold soba with soba sauce,wasabi,white radish,leek.
  • Yama-kake soba 850yen / Raw egg,grated yam,leek wasabi on Cold soba with cold soup.
  • Natto soba 850yen / Raw egg,Natto(sticky fermented soybeans),leek,wasabi on Cold soba with cold soup.
  • Oroshi soba 800yen / grated white radish,leek,dried bonito on Cold soba with cold soup.
  • Oroshi-tanuki soba 850yen / Tempra bits,grated white radish,leek on Cold soba with cold soup.
  • Nameko-oroshi soba 900yen / seasoned Nameko mushroom,grated white radish,leek on Cold soba with cold soup.
  • Ten-oroshi soba 1200yen /a Shrimp & vegetables tempra,grated white radish,leek on Cold soba with cold soup.
  • 2.*** Hot broth soba***
  • Kake soba 700yen / Hot soba in broth topped with leek & seaweed.
  • Tanuki soba 750yen / Hot soba in broth topped with Tempura bits,leek & seaweed.
  • Tamago-toji soba 800yen / Hot soba in broth topped with omelet & mitsuba leaf.
  • Ume-boshi soba 800yen / Hot soba in broth topped with salted Plum, mitsuba leaf & soft seaweed.
  • Ankake soba 900yen / Hot soba in Thick mushroom soup topped with leek & ginger.
  • Nishing soba 1100yen / Hot soba in broth with seasoned Herring,topped with leek.
  • Tempura soba 1200yen / Hot soba in broth topped with a shrimp & vegetables tempra ,leek & seaweed.
  • 3.***Soba-gaki*** what's sobagaki?>>click
  • Soba-gaki 750yen / buckwheat dumpling with sauce, topped with wasabi.
  • A-ge-sobagaki 800yen / Fried buckwheat dumpling with sauce,topped with grated white radish & leek.
  • Ankake-agesobagaki 800yen / Fried buckwheat dumpling in thick mushroom soup,topped with mitsuba leaf.
  • Sobagaki-Zenzai 650yen / Dessert. buckwheat dumpling in sweet red-bean soup.
  • 4.***Others***
  • Tempura-zara 750yen / a shrimp & vegetables tempura.
  • Tsuke-mono 350yen / handmade Japanese pickles.
  • Nishing-zara 450yen / Seasoned Herring.
  • Kinoko-su 450yen / pickled maitake mushroom(hen of the wood) with grated white radish, topped with ginger.
  • Dashi-maki 350yen / Japanese omelet
  • Nameko-oroshi 350yen / seasoned Nameko mushroom with grated white radish.
  • Tae-no-hana(sake) 600yen / sake,most recommended for Atsu-kan(hot sake) by Moriki shuzojo
  • Hana-busa(sake) 750yen / sake by Moriki shuzojo
  • Rumiko-no-sake 750yen / sake by Moriki shuzojo
  • Shochu mugi 500yen/imo 600yen / Distilled from wheat(mugi) or sweet potatoes(imo).
  • nama-Beer 600yen / draft beer. Asahi super dry.
  • bin-Beer 600yen / bottled beer. Asahi super dry
  • Non alcholic beer 400yen
  • Orage juice, Oolong tea 200yen


  • Blue backed days

    Red backed days
    (Fri. Sat. Sun.)
    11:30am~14:30 & 18:00~21:00

    White backed days
    (Mon. Tue. Thu.)

Map to Soba Matsuo

226-2 Senzai,Iga City,Mie prefecture,Japan 5180002

*** 20 minutes on foot from Sanagu(佐那具) station JR trail line.

Sightseeing in Iga

Iga City is famous for its history,especially in the Ninja. Visit Iga and get the most deep experience in Japan!


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